PlotWatcher Success Stories

PlotWatcher helps Kevin Milliren get his first bow kill

I got a Plotwatcher in June of this year and started using it regularly in my scouting of deer on my dad's property. When bow season started here in WI, I was confident in my stand location thanks for the PlotWatcher.

I checked the videos the night of November 3rd and saw a buck come onto the property that had we had never captured before on camera. It was apparent he was after some does on our property. The next morning, I put some doe in estrus urine near my stand, in hopes of the buck making an appearance again. Sure enough, after being in my stand for only half an hour, I had 2 does eating apples within 20 yards of my stand. Then I heard a grunt, followed by another grunt, and soon saw just antlers coming down the trail. I had never seen such a tall rack, and immediately I knew it was "the buck." He continued right down the trail, grunting the whole time, headed straight for the does. I had an arrow ready and when he got into a shooting lane, he stopped and I was able to hit him clean. We tracked him a few hours later and found him. I just started bow hunting last year and this was the first deer I had ever shot at it with a bow. Exciting stuff!

I just want to commend your company for making the PlotWatcher. It is by FAR the best camera I have ever used for scouting. I love the quality of the video and being able to see where deer come from, compared to standard trail cams that just take photos when something triggers it. The PlotWatcher showed me where my buck came from, and where he went and I was able to plan my hunt accordingly. Attached are a few still photos I got off the Plotwatcher and I also will include some pics of me and the buck. Thanks again, I'm a PlotWatcher customer for life!

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